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Family Law involves those aspects of life that matter most. Ensure you have great lawyers on your team and hire Bernhardt Phillips today.

The family law attorneys at Bernhardt Phillips provide direct, impactful representation to clients in a wide range of family law matters. By providing straightforward advice and practical solutions, our attorneys help you navigate the most difficult and complex family law matters.

Bernhardt Phillips divorce and family law attorneys represent all clients throughout Indiana in all family law matters

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Providing honest advice and skilled representation, the family law attorneys at Bernhardt Phillps will ease your stress and help accomplish your goals. Our attorneys have the experience to guide you through life’s most challenging situations with finesse. Practice areas include all family law matters from initial divorce filings, paternity cases, custody modifications, child support matters, CHINS cases and other matters involving the Department of Child Services, parenting time modifications, adoptions, guardianships, third-party custody matters, protective orders, domestic violence, juvenile delinquency, prenuptial agreement, postnuptial agreements, and all other family law matters. 

By handling a wide range of family law matters our attorneys are able to skillfully represent clients in the most complex family law matters.  Oftentimes a person may find themselves facing a divorce, legal separation, custody case, protective order, domestic violence charges, and a Department of Child Services investigation. Our attorneys can help you develop a winning strategy to resolve these issues so you can move forward successfully.

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