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Facing criminal charges of any type, regardless of the situation, is incredibly stressful. Whether caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, wrongfully accused, or facing criminal charges of all kinds, the skilled criminal defense attorneys at Bernhardt Phillips will answer your questions.

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The relentless representation provided by the criminal law attorneys at Bernhardt Phillips will help ease your stress. Don’t trust your case to just anyone. The criminal law attorneys at Bernhardt Phillips have the knowledge and experience to guide you through these difficult and delicate situations. 

Bernhardt Phillips criminal defense attorneys represent clients in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana. Our practice includes a wide variety of criminal law matters from misdemeanors and felony charges to sentence modifications, expungements, probation violations, DUI/OWI charges, traffic violations, and all other criminal matters. The criminal attorneys at Bernhardt Phillips fight hard to defend your legal rights and protect your freedom.

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